Learn Cybersecurity Basics

Next Course Starts July 12th

Do you work in a non-IT field and are curious about cybersecurity? This two-week* course is intended to provide a ground-level introduction to a variety of cybersecurity topics.
It has been specifically designed to be accessible to those without an IT or security background, covering topics such as password security, 2-factor authentication, and attack methodologies.

*This course is also offered as a condensed one-week course.

You will learn:

Students will explore how to identify and communicate cybersecurity best practices with their peers and how to perform regular security audits to ensure the efficacy of their security practices.

Course Details

The next course starts on July 12th and will run until July 16th from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM. 

The next course will run from August 16th – 20th. 

“What an awesome place to train. Every instructor is so understanding and easy to work with. They will make your schedule work to be able to learn. You can have one on one training for your learning pace. Everyone is so fun at Retrain and is like a big family. SHERRY, DARREN & Hank you guys are awesome and have been rocks. Thank you for the education, the support and spending many hours (after hours) away from your families to train us. It has been a joy getting to know all of you and i am going to miss seeing you guys everyday.

Furthermore thanks for pushing the learning abilities of everyone and mentoring many students through difficult courses. Cyber foundations and Cyber security -penetration testing was very difficult but so worth the time and effort. Your team has gained many followers and has many students very thankful for the all effort you have shown us.

Retrain is a workhorse and can help many people achieve the goals they wish to reach. I cant wait to come back for something else just to be part of such highly skilled and talented team.

Again thank you for the incredible experience there was lots of laughs, some hair pulling and many friends made.

-Brock P

“If you are looking at getting into Cyber Security, THIS is the place to do it. The teachers are beyond amazing and knowledgeable. So much support from everyone, you are never ever alone with these guys!

I completed a total of 18 weeks. Doing 6 weeks of the Foundations course and then going further into preparing for the OSCP Certificate with the 12 week course. I went into this knowing nothing and came out confident and with many new skills. I am beyond thankful for all the skills I learned, all the amazing students and teachers and starting a new career in life.

Thank you to Retrain for all you have taught me and being such an amazing and supportive team!”

-Sunny Skyes

“Retrain is an amazing place to train and gain more knowledge. The instructors are very diligent in breaking down all of the course material in multiple ways so that you will always understand it. They take into account your daily busy lives and work with your schedule so that you are able to get the full learning experience. You feel like you are part of the Retrain family when taking a course here, they will take time outside of class hours to provide extra one on one learning opportunities if you require it.

I thank you all Retrain team for the amazing experience I had during my course here.

If you are looking to take a course and Retrain offers it, you should sign up here you will not be disappointed!“

-Sean K